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Research Documents

MEG members contribute significantly to the research that is undertaken about HE in FE. As a group we have been funded to write a number of papers or research documents and these can be found in this part of the website. For ease of access, we have grouped the papers into broad headings.

  • New report from MEG. “Higher Apprenticeships: perceived potential and challengesOpen >>

  • MEG LSIS Exploring scholarship and scholarly activity in college based Higher EducationOpen >>

  • Strategic Options, Operational Challenges: A study of Higher Education delivered in a FE settingOpen >>

    Colleges of FE have delivered programmes of Higher Education for many years, responding to the requirements of employers in their area and the needs of students not served by other institutions. With skills at all levels at the centre of both Government and business plans for economic recovery and regeneration, Colleges are well placed to promote their role as providers of high-quality, value-for-money courses directly related to the higher skills needs of business and the aspirations of individuals.

    This report presents the first major overview of the issues and challenges facing Colleges as they develop this vital role.

  • Higher Viewpoints:Studying HE in a FE CollegeOpen >>

    Higher Viewpoints: Studying HE in a FE College records the voice of 800 HE student in FE Colleges. The survey interestingly compared EU and overseas students,part-time students and the perceptions of full time students as they complete each year of study. These cornerstones of analysis will help to inform the debate about the future shape of our HE system.

    The 36 page summary document provides a wealth of information to inform marketing and strategic planning processes. The three additional reports provide the underpinning detail.

    Summary Document can be found at here

    EU & International students here

    Full-time students here

    Part-time students here

  • The Financial Sustainability of Higher EducationOpen >>

    The Higher Education Commission has launched its third inquiry, investigating the financial sustainability of higher education in England. The inquiry is chaired by Lord Norton of Louth and Ruth Thompson, former Director General, Higher Education at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

  • University admission practices and social mobilityOpen >>

    This Pearson Think Tank research document by Sara Candy provides an informative snap shot on the state of university admissions related to state/college sector students. This will be of particular interest to admissions, interviewers and career advisors. It will also be of great help to those advising students on A level combinations

    The Document can be found at (please use this link) here

    The Utube video of the conference event can be found here

  • The Future Regulation Of Higher Education In EnglandOpen >>

    This 12 page HEPI paper makes for interesting reading for anyone interested in the process of regulating HE provision in the UK. It describes the new HEFCE operating framework which sets out how to regulate the new and more market-based system of higher education in England created by the Coalition Government’s reforms, and offers a critique. It argues that, so far from enhancing the value of public and private investment in higher education, the new framework could seriously detract from it. It concludes by outlining an alternative model, better suited to a more market-driven system, that avoids many of the costs, detriments and difficulties of the proposed framework.

  • Inspiring Individuals: teaching higher education in a further education collegeOpen >>

  • MEG College Scenarios for LSIS May 2012Open >>

  • General overview of HE in FEOpen >>

    There are two documents which may be of interest to you if you are looking for a general introduction to HE in FE matters.

    These are:

    HE in FE - Strategic Options, Operational Challenges (LSIS May 2010).

    This document offers an overview of HE delivered in FE colleges. It remains the largest study undertaken of English HE in FE, covering more than 25% of all institutions delivering HE in FE.
    This document offers an overview of HE delivered in FE colleges. It remains the largest study undertaken of English HE in FE, covering more than 25% of all institutions delivering HE in FE. It reflects the views of 66 Directors of HE, more than 3,000 staff who teach HE and over 800 students studying an HE qualification in an FE college. It can be read as six separate documents, namely a general summary, and five sub-sections which focus on specific areas of interest: the student perspective of HE studied in FE colleges, teaching staff perspectives, the views of regional planning partners, college perception of risk, in terms of HE in FE, and the general concerns of Directors of HE as revealed in a series of telephone interviews. These covered areas such as structure, quality assurance and staff CPD.


    Higher Education and Colleges: a comparison between England and the USA (CIHE June 2008).

    This monograph looks at the relative approaches to various HE/higher-level skills issues taken by the MEG member colleges and a smaller number of Community Colleges within New York State. It offers an overview of policy and practice at a time when the then English Government was proposing a greater role for HE in FE and the American administration was digesting the impact of its own review of HE (the Spellings Review.)

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  • 16 December 2013

    Wecome to MEG Thinkpiece 15 minutes to spare, cup of coffee close by? Then time to read, reflect and add to the Thinkpiece debate! Write to us with your views and your Thinkpiece may join others on our website. As a start, we publish three articles written by leading figures in college-based HE. John Widdowson, the Chair of the Mixed Economy Group of colleges, explores how we might fill the Polytechnic hole. Marina Parha, Vice Principal of The Manchester college, seeks a true calling for vocational HE and Sarah Shobrook, the Director of HE at Truro and Penwith suggests that the term Vocational HE has had its day! More »