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MEG Officers

The Chair

The Chair is elected by ballot of member colleges immediately after the summer term meeting. Candidates must be a serving Principal of a member college. The Chair holds office three years, commencing on 1 August.

The Vice Chairs

The group appoints two Vice Chairs by ballot, at least one of whom must be a serving Principal in a MEG college. The Vice Chairs hold office for two years from 1 August.

The Co-ordinator

MEG employs a Co-odinator to support group meetings and activities and represent the group at a range of external events. The Co-ordinator may be appointed from outside MEG but must be familiar with HE on FE issues. He or she holds office for 2 years.

Our Current Officers

Chair 2017 - 2020

John Widdowson, Principal and Chief Executive of New College Durham
John Widdowson

Vice Chairs

Gill Alton, Chief Executive, Grimsby Institute
Gill Alton

Jerry White, Vice Principal, City College Norwich
Jerry White


Nick Whitehouse is the current MEG Co-ordinator
Nick Whitehouse

  • 16 December 2013

    Wecome to MEG Thinkpiece 15 minutes to spare, cup of coffee close by? Then time to read, reflect and add to the Thinkpiece debate! Write to us with your views and your Thinkpiece may join others on our website. As a start, we publish three articles written by leading figures in college-based HE. John Widdowson, the Chair of the Mixed Economy Group of colleges, explores how we might fill the Polytechnic hole. Marina Parha, Vice Principal of The Manchester college, seeks a true calling for vocational HE and Sarah Shobrook, the Director of HE at Truro and Penwith suggests that the term Vocational HE has had its day! More »